360° Photography & Video

Immersive photography and filming

360° Video & Static Image Production

We work with the UK's leading directors, photographers & cameramen to produce cutting edge 360° photography & video.

With mainstream media (most recently Facebook) now embracing 360° immersive visuals the technology capable of viewing this immersive media is expected to increase exponentially.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality headsets will also heighten the experience and you can also expect this to increase in exposure over the coming year.

See below for some examples of 360° media. Note: these are best viewed in Google Chrome or Firefox browser (for drag & spin) or using Google Cardborad / VR viewers for a more immersive experience.

Photogrammetry / Photo stitching to produce 3D renders

We can also create a 3D CGI visualisations.

See our "CGI Visualization" page for further details

Technical bits: 3DSMax, AgiSoft, Autodesk ReCap 360, Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine, Matterport Camera & hosting, 360° Cameras, Drone Photography using fully Licenced drone pilots.

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