Pay per click (PPC) management & Remarketing

We develop PPC campaigns as part of your digital activation. We look to fully immerse ourselves in your business, your customers, your competitors and activate campaigns that turn prospects into conversions. We develop a PPC campaign strategy that looks to achieve the best ROI for your business.

This is not simply about driving volume of traffic but about understanding and driving highly targeted engagements with your brand. We look to uncover highly targeted long-tail (sometimes low volume) search matching. Highly relevant, geographically and socio-economically driven results.


We ensure that you are targeting the right type of customers. Relevancy of keywords and ad copy and ensuring these are “on-brand”: keyword selection & Ad copy


Alongside your PPC campaign we can also activate a Remarketing campiagn. This ensures that PPC traffic that we drive to your site are presented with your brand proposition on multiple occasions.

Adapt & extend

We are always learning - about you and about the effectiveness of your campaign. For PPC we are always in B3TA. i.e. constant learning & adaptation of strategy to refine and extend the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.